Excellence in precision mechanics


Thanks to process management Ellena has safe and organized plant.
Our team is involved and trained to improve not only productivity but safety and quality first.

social responsibility

Founded by Ellena’s family, is a financially strong company, recently enhanced with a capital equity increase. A reference point in Italy and worldwide.

turnover made by
assembled groups
annual investments


Manufactured products travel worldwide. Ellena works with international customers, building in Italy and looking to the future.


75 years of continuous growth

Born during the Second World War as a small craftsmanship, then middle size company, Ellena has always been a dynamic factory, focused on technology innovation.

Pietro e Giuseppe Ellena.

The two brothers founded a small laboratory that quickly becomes a mechanic workshop.

Opens the new plant in Alba street
The plant increases of 400 sqm
Giuseppe’s sons, Edoardo and Silvio, join the company.

The company change thanks to investments in automatic machines. The turnover increase and become focused on precision machining.

The company has 25 people

And moves to a new 3500 sqm plant

Ellena increases the market

Time for international business thanks to the Certifications too

Ellena acquires shares

And becomes partner with a Chinese company to expand and export their patents

Ellena counts 65 employees

Another expansion of 1000 sqm, new space for new high technology machines

70 Anniversary

Ellena celebrates its experience in precision mechanics

A new modern plant

1000 sqm dedicated to assembly and test groups

Turning on the Clean room

ISO 7 grade, for high precision assembly without contaminations


The subsidiary SPEM company is born for the Additive Manufacturing process

75° Anniversary

Inauguration of the 4th facility dedicated to Additive Manifacturing

The high technology machines (Horizontal and vertical CNC machines, multitasking lathes for complex parts) allow Ellena to perform different and complex operations

Cutting edge technology, passion, strict quality approach, constant technology innovation, on time customer care

Constant growth for more than 75 years. Born in the Second World War as a small laboratory, become a middle factory, Ellena has always been a dynamic company

Ellena’s social responsibility

Ellena thrust in social sustainability to ensure everyone same rights for health, culture, welfare. Rights that should be secured to future generation in poor and developing Countries. Ellena supports for year two important projects:

Building a multipurpose centre with a hospital and aimed at the education and training of children and young people. Diocese of Sakania-Kipushi, Democratic Republic of Congo.